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Ask the BOS Experts

Parents, caregivers, healthcare providers, and other specialists working with children and adults with BOS often have questions about the best way to care for patients with BOS.

We are starting an “Ask the BOS Experts” program that will allow the BOS community to email their questions to members of our Medical Advisory Board. Questions can range from topics such as development, medical issues, or best practices for treatment and therapies. No question is too big or too small.

Please keep in mind that BOS is very rare, and our Experts may not have all of the answers yet. But your questions will help the BOS community learn more about this syndrome and build the collection of knowledge surrounding BOS.

Email your questions to


Legal Disclaimer:  Please remember that the BOS Foundation's Ask the Experts service is made of volunteer professionals in various areas of specialization. Response times will vary and a response is not guaranteed. Answers are not considered a medical, behavioral, or educational consultation. Ask the Experts is not a substitute for the care and attention your child's personal physician, psychologist, educational consultant, or social worker can provide.