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Hi! My name is Tracy and I am mother to Mia. Mia will be turning three on April 28th and was diagnosed with BOS right before her first birthday.  During the first year, we were in and out of the hospital and my husband missed a lot of work but we’re fortunate enough that our family was able to fly in to help so Tomás could keep working. 

We realize a lot of BOS families do not have help so we wanted to raise funds to support them. Our first fundraiser,  Blocks for BOS, came about because at the time there had been 150 kids diagnosed with BOS. . We wanted to honor all 150 children and we walked 150 blocks and pushed Mia in her wheelchair. 

Our second fundraiser was 100 Miles for Mia #Biking4BOS.  My friend Roxanne and I rode together.  It was challenging but very rewarding.  I was surprised, honored and extremely proud of the donations we received. Between both fundraisers we raised around $15,000 dollars, 100% of donations was given to the foundation. 

We will keep raising money and funds for the BOS foundation. Stay tuned for next year’s fundraiser ;-)

Taylor GurganusComment