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Awareness Initiatives

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Meet Hazel Event

With BOS Awareness Day falling on a Saturday this year, we decided to celebrate with a "Meet Hazel" event at Grandma's house. We sent out Facebook invitations, handed out flyers to friends and neighbors, and invited by word of mouth. We felt that 2-4 PM fit Hazel's schedule best.

Outside we decorated with blue and yellow balloons and put out an Awareness sign. Inside we had a display of Hazel pictures to show her growth and developing personality. 

For refreshments we used blue and yellow plates and napkins and served little sandwiches with gold and blue toothpicks, yellow and blue corn chips, pineapple and blueberries, lemon/blueberry cake, and blue and yellow M&Ms.

People enjoyed meeting Hazel in person and asked questions about her and about BOS in general. We sent them on their way with the BOS information sheet and the BOS ribbons provided by the BOS Foundation.

Taylor GurganusComment