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Announcing International Mini Meet-Up Grants

BOS families gathered for the first Family Meet-Up in the UK August 1, 2017 in Hatton Park

BOS families gathered for the first Family Meet-Up in the UK August 1, 2017 in Hatton Park

The Foundation is excited about the recent launch of Mini Meet-Up Grants to be awarded to families outside the United States.

For the past two years, the Foundation has hosted a Family Meet-Up in Philadelphia. It has been a wonderful opportunity to connect with families to share a sense of community. It has allowed people from all over the United States to network and share best practices in a safe environment with fun activities for the whole families.

As a part of our initiative to extend this to more people around the globe, we developed Mini Meet-Up Grants under the direction of Taylor Gurganus. Her vision was to allow as many families as possible to experience this amazing event.

The purpose of these grants is to enhance a sense of community and celebrate BOS patients worldwide. They are available to BOS patients and their families residing outside of the United States and must consist of a minimum of 5 patient families.

These grants are available up to $1,000 and applications are accepted starting in July every year. The first one was held in the United Kingdom in Hatton Park on August 1, 2017. Several families attended and fun was had by everyone.

“So thankful to have had the opportunity to meet up with four other children and their families who live with BOS. The meet up was an invaluable source of information and also to gain guidance and reassurance. We bonded as one big family and we personally cannot wait until next year!” Bekki Rix (Bowie's Mom) 

The grant money must be used for Meet-Up related expenses such as admissions, travel, meals, and hotel accommodation expenses. For more information about how to apply and the requirements, click here.

In addition to the Mini Meet-Up Grants, we have expanded the US Meet-Up to be held in different areas of the country to reach as many people as possible.

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