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BOS Patient Stories

Bohring-Opitz Syndrome Patient Stories


Despite the many medical challenges that Theo has faced, he continues to be a happy child. He has a very sweet and energetic personality. He loves anything with lights and music and is always smiling and laughing during his periods of health. Theo is overcoming his vision and hearing loss by working hard through his many therapies.

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Taylor GurganusComment

The doctor indicated that Daniel’s presentation fit mitochondrial disease and dismissed his dysmorphic features as nonspecific.  We had our answer . . . or so we thought. At age 18, the testing came back, we finally had an accurate answer as to Daniel’s genetic status.  He had Bohring-Opitz Syndrome.

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Lori Fulton Comment

The area she struggles with most is seizures. In 2012, Campbell had a prolonged seizure (status epilepticus) where she suffered hypoxic brain damage after undergoing CPR for 20 minutes.  Some of her current symptoms and level of function are a result of the hypoxia versus BOS.  For example, she was hypotonic (low muscle tone) prior to the seizure and now is hypertonic (high muscle tone).  She also received a tracheostomy due to her airway collapsing when they attempted to wean her off the ventilator.

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Meeting my baby for the first time wasn’t at all what I was expecting; his eyes were bulging his head was a funny shape and nearly twice the length it should have been… I was in shock… Where was my perfect new-born baby? I was assured by the nurses that everything was ok, he was just born quickly and that it would all go down. Once my family had gone to give me some rest I was left to hold my baby wondering what had happened, what had gone wrong and how long it would take for him to look normal??


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