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We have had a few people ask about the BOS Foundation Birthday Club, specifically the capes. We'd like to clarify a few things so there isn't any confusion.

Any BOS child or angel can be registered for the Birthday Club by completing the form on the Foundation website. This is different than signing up to receive the Newsletter or the "New to BOS" form. The link for the form is here.

The Birthday Club launched in January of this year because The BOS Foundation  wanted to be able to give something to our BOS children and angels to celebrate and honor their birthday. This year the gift is a cape for the Rare Bears, many of you have already received your bear by requesting them through our joint campaign with Rare Science for Awareness Day in April 2017.

If your child or angel did not receive a bear, you can still request one from Rare Science and receive those at any time throughout the year. The link for Rare Bears can be found  at the bottom of the Birthday Club form on the Foundation website or by the direct link:

We have had positive feedback from parents about the Birthday Club and are excited to continue this program with a new gift each year.

We've also had some questions and discussion about the Superhero capes that were gifts for those who attended the Family Meet-Up. Those are different from the Birthday Club capes and were made possible by the grant we received from Global Genes for the event. We have used capes as a continuation of our Superheroes theme from Awareness Day for our t-shirts, Birthday Club, and Meet-Up.

While we would love to be able to purchase and ship a Superhero cape to every BOS child and angel, the cost would be well out of our budget. We regret if there was confusion or disappointment.

Since they are popular and we have had some inquiries, information on how to purchase the Superhero cape is provided below. This would be purchased directly from Bailey’s Blossom (cape) and East Carolina Monograms (BOS ribbon screen print) and not the Foundation.

We are so thankful for Darlene Sabin and Marge Estes, volunteers, that donate their time and money to make the Birthday Club capes for our children and angels.

Also, If you signed up for the Birthday Club and your child didn't receive a gift, please contact us so we can correct it.

If you have any further questions please contact us at Thank you for your continued support!

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